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No Smoke America opened in Atlanta in December 2002. Since that time we have successfully treated thousands of people who wanted to quit smoking.

No Smoke America is a licensee of Welplex and is part of a growing number of Welplex clinics in major cities around the country. The Atlanta clinic was the first clinic to open as a licensee of Welplex. The original clinic is located in Tampa, Florida and was established in 1992.

No Smoke America has established itself as the industry leader in medical treatments for smoking cessation in Georgia. Our physicians and staff are experts in both counseling and treating smokers and others who are dependent on Nicotine. We use medications that are proven to block nicotinic receptors and eliminate physical withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking cessation.

The Stop Smoking Shot and Welplex treatment that we use at the clinic are patented by the U.S. Government and may only be used by clinics affiliated with Welplex. There is no other smoking cessation method like the Welplex method.

We can't make you quit smoking but if you're ready to quit we can help. We are the experts in smoking cessation.