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For the Welplex Treatment

For the Welplex Treatment

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Prior to undergoing treatment, there will be some necessary testing. This will insure the overall safety of the procedure and give the physicians an overall view of your general state of health.

You will be screened for cardio arrhythmia, prostatic hyperthrophy, acute angle glaucoma. For the ladies: If you feel that you may be pregnant, we would want to rule out this possibility before proceeding.

It should be noted ... If you are currently taking large amounts of psychotropic medications or if you are suffering from severe depression, panic or anxiety attacks, your chances of success with this treatment protocol are greatly diminished.

For the Welplex Treatment

Your Diagnosis will be TDD 305.1 (Tobacco Dependency Disorder)



Level 2 Office Visit


Counseling / Drug Abuse


EKG with interpretation


Pulmonary Lung Function


Anticholinergic Block with titration


Some insurance companies may pay all of the charges, some may pay only a portion and others may pay nothing at all. We Do Not Accept Assignment of Insurance nor make any claims as to what your insurer may pay. Patients will be responsible for payment at the time the services are rendered. We will provide you with the appropriate documentation to submit to your insurer.

This procedure is not covered by Medicaid/Medicare.

We accept Checks and Cash.
We cannot accept credit cards at this time.

Call 770-300-9992 for Pricing.

The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that smoking cessation procedures administered by licensed physicians are tax deductible up to $350.00. These deductions do not include over the counter medications. Check with your accountant for deductions you may be entitled to. The clinics and its affiliates will assume no responsibility nor make any claims with respect to individual tax situations.