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The Center for Nicotine Dependency Clinics are the medical experts in the field of smoking cessation. Our staff of physicians, counselors, nurses, and support personnel are dedicated to helping people find a way to stop smoking. ChantixTM was developed out of a need to find a treatment that worked to fight the terrible physical addiction to Nicotine that plagues so many people.

Most people don't smoke because they want to. They smoke because they have to. Nicotine is a powerful drug that takes over the body, mind and spirit of it's victim and it is relentless in it's death grip on a smoker's life. It consumes every waking moment in it's drive to be replenished with just one more puff.

Society misunderstands Nicotine addiction and has assigned a stigma to smokers. Smokers are sometimes seen as having a bad habit, one that can easily be broken. Only people who have faced this serious addiction can understand that smoking is not unlike an addiction to heroin or cocaine and that it can be even more difficult to conquer.

The Center for Nicotine Dependency has treated thousands of smokers and others addicted to Nicotine, one of the most potent and powerful drugs on the market and certainly the only one that is legal. Our physicians and counselors are specifically trained to address the needs of smokers and understand what it takes to break the sinister hold that Nicotine has on your life.

Our commitment to you is to treat your addiction with medicines that can conquer your physical addiction to Nicotine and to teach you how to change habits and behaviors that tie you emotionally and psychologically to this drug and to offer you the support that you need to stay quit. ChantixTM blocks Nicotinic receptors to stop physical withdrawals, physical cravings, and physical urges for Nicotine. You just won't need a cigarette anymore.

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