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Quitting Smoking is the single healthiest decision you can make in your life. The Surgeon General has labeled Nicotine addiction as "the number one cause of death in the United States that is preventable."

Upon your arrival to the clinic, we will explain how nicotine dependency occurs and precisely what medications are used to counteract and replace the dependency. We will then introduce you to a simple three-part process for replacing the emotional and behavioral side of the dependency.

Our physicians and qualified medical personnel will then perform a routine physical examination, EKG and Pulmonary Lung Function test.

Once patients are deemed suitable candidates, we will administer the precise medications to block your physical urges and cravings for nicotine. You will notice immediately after treatment that your physical urges and cravings to smoke have been eliminated. You will also notice that you become lightheaded and euphoric.

Due to the fact that you will be euphoric, DRIVING IS NOT PERMITTED THE NIGHT OF YOUR TREATMENT or for 12 hours following treatment.

Most patients are fine to resume normal activities after 12 hours. However, since each person responds differently to medication, do not drive or perform any dangerous or tedious activity until you are certain that your mental faculties are perfectly clear. You will need to bring someone with you to drive you home following your treatment.

You will be given a prescription for medications that you will take for the next two weeks. They will prolong the treatment and make sure you do not experience the lightheadedness, physical urges or cravings to smoke during the withdrawal period. If you have difficulty with your medication at any time and feel that it may be too strong or not strong enough for you don't hesitate to call a member of the clinic staff who will evaluate your prescription and dosing schedule. Do not self-medicate.

We will also provide you with take home literature that outlines the behavioral therapy we discussed at the clinic. Clinic counselors are available to assist you seven days a week. Follow the directions in your take-home booklet for contact information.