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Long time smokers face a lifetime of challenges when it comes to staying quit. It is often easier than it should be for smokers to fall back on the old crutch of grabbing a cigarette to alleviate extreme stress or to think that in a social situation they can have "just one puff".

The truth is that "just a puff" or "just one cigarette" will often open the door to another and another until smoking a pack a day seems like no big deal and then you're smoking the same or more than you were before you quit.

No Smoke America understands that quitting smoking is a lifelong challenge that has to be dealt with day to day. If you slip after taking the treatment, don't feel bad. It isn't the end of the world. You quit once. You can quit again.

Each patient treated at No Smoke America receives a one-year re-treatment guarantee. If you smoke again during the first year after your original treatment date, we will treat you again for just the cost of an office visit plus your follow-up medications.

The point is to focus on future success and not past failures. Learn from your mistakes and you won't make them again.