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A one-time treatment at The Center for Nicotine Dependency can eliminate your physical urges and cravings to smoke. That's right. In only one visit to our clinic you can be smoke-free for life.

This treatment works where others fail because we administer prescription medications that go into effect immediately and block your physical need to smoke. When your body no longer needs Nicotine to feel normal, it makes changing habits and behaviors a whole lot easier. Smoking is not just a bad habit. It's a medical problem that needs professional attention by doctors who are experts in the field of smoking cessation. The Center for Nicotine Dependency employs professionals who have lots of experience helping people stop smoking.

Nicotine is a powerful drug and it is very addictive. The more you smoke, the more your body demands that you smoke. That's why it's so easy to escalate from "just a puff" to a pack or more a day. When you put nicotine into your body, you create a chemical disturbance at nicotine receptor sites that develops into a dependency for nicotine.

This disturbance sends increased messages to the brain much like a radio signal. When the nicotine in the bloodstream gets too low, the signal gets interrupted and you can't think straight. Your station isn't coming in loud and clear. You get lightheaded and irritable and have a craving for a cigarette, simply to feel normal. You begin the addiction withdrawal process.

We use a combination of medications that are non addictive. They bind to the nicotine receptor sites and completely satisfy your body's appetite for nicotine. When you block these receptor sites you also block physical urges and cravings to smoke. You eliminate all of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms because your body doesn't realize that you're not smoking.

When you come into the clinic, you will receive a complete and detailed explanation of our program. We will explain how nicotine dependency occurs and how this combination of medications block nicotine receptor sites and immediately remove any physical urge, craving or need for cigarettes.

Our program is unique. We do not use nicotine patches, gum or nasal sprays. We do not use antidepressants such as Zyban. No alternative approaches are used, such as hypnosis, biofeedback or acupuncture.

After receiving the first injection, you will notice immediately that your physical urges and cravings for nicotine are almost gone. Our medical staff will check on you after a short waiting period to make sure that you are tolerating the medication well. You will be given 2 additional injections using a tiny little needle to push a small bubble of medication right under the skin behind each ear. Some patients will feel lightheaded, others will feel highly intoxicated. Driving is not permitted the night of the treatment. Your driver must be with you when you check in for treatment.

When you wake up the next morning, the only after effect you should notice is a continued lack of desire to smoke. You may find yourself thinking about a cigarette but you just won't need one. Nicotine itself will leave your body in about three days but physical withdrawal from Nicotine can go on for up to two weeks. That's why we will give you a prescription for medications that will continue the blocking effects of the initial medication. This will make sure that the treatment we give you at the clinic does not wear off until your dependency has run its course.

The entire program takes place in the privacy of the doctor's office and will require about 2 hours. We will stand behind the program for an entire year by offering you a one-year re-treatment guarantee. If you smoke again for any reason within one year of your original treatment date, we will provide a booster treatment to you for the cost of an office visit plus the cost of follow-up medication, subject to the doctor's approval.

Once you have taken away the physical withdrawal symptoms, changing behaviors associated with smoking becomes much easier. We have developed a behavioral therapy that addresses the psychological challenges faced by smokers as well as the emotional attachments that most smokers have to cigarettes. We show you how to change behavioral triggers to help you stay a non-smoker.

Just because you don't smoke for a time doesn't insure that you'll stay a non-smoker. We all know people who have quit for some period of time only to return to cigarettes. We have developed a simple three-step process that makes quitting smoking easier. Quitting smoking will be the single healthiest decision you will make in your life.

All human behavior is driven by pleasure or pain. This is the bottom line motivation for everything we do, even visceral functions, like getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. If quitting smoking represents physical or emotional pain, you will be less likely to quit. We teach you how to replace the negative aspects of smoking with the positive and pleasurable aspects of being a non-smoker.

We show you how to let go of the negative emotional aspects of nicotine dependency and create lasting change. It is a simple but effective process that teaches you precisely how to interrupt your physical and emotional routines. We further show you how to reinforce the new behaviors with physical and emotional pleasure so that the changes will last.

Any behavior that is not reinforced will weaken over time. Likewise, new behaviors that are reinforced will become stronger. The behavioral scientist B.F. Skinner suggests that we can create new habits after repeating a behavior 21 times. In three weeks you will be well on your way to a new and healthier lifestyle and free from the shackles of nicotine dependency.

Prior to undergoing treatment we do medical testing that is necessary to rule out any conditions that would make this treatment not right for you. This will insure the overall safety of the procedure and give the doctors some idea as to your general state of health. We will perform an EKG, a pulmonary lung function test and a brief physical examination. If you'd like to find out if this treatment is right for you please call our clinic and speak with a counselor about your specific condition or existing medications.

Please click on the treatment comparison tab on the home page of this web site to read about the possible side effects of this medication.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, contact our telephone center or email us from the appointments tab on the home page.

Your chances of success with this or any program to quit smoking are dependent on your desire to quit smoking and your commitment to succeed.

On behalf of the staff, physicians and dedicated healthcare providers, we wish you well in your effort to eliminate tobacco dependency from your life. Quitting smoking can be easier than you had ever imagined with the right kind of help.

Schedule your appointment today for a healthier, smoke-free life. We hope to see you soon at the clinic.